It’s Internet Era now! Search Engine king Google is successfully offering these days more than just searching services. Here it is Google Internet Balloons Technology. To keep billion of people get online, Google is planning Project Loon.

In Project Loon, Google will launch thousands of Internet-beaming balloons which will work under the stratospheric systems. These Internet balloons will provide you Internet access even in disasters situation and to make this broadband Balloon technology successful, Google has developed modern software that will help turn the balloons into a platform. Google’s Project Loon is under experiment and hope to start successfully soon.

The purpose of Google Internet Balloons Technology is to cover Africa and Southeast Asia’s remote locations where at present it’s hard to provide internet connectivity. Google’s each WiFi Balloon will cover around 1250 square kilometers area. They will set at right height so there’s no danger to passing aircraft. Wait & Watch how Google helps communication through its modern approach.

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