In modern web design era and approach, a web designer has to understand the role & importance of animation in website designing. Here, this blog unveil some facts about use of animation effects in web pages that sense beneficial. Forget the misuse of animation and go with its positive importance that helps your site a lot.

Correctly used and site relevant web animation can draw attention of visitors, demonstrate your products or services amazingly, guide the users, and ultimately enhance the usability. For your personal or business web site, you can utilize frame-based animation or flash animation as per site’s requirements or both. But make sure, over dose of flash will make your site slow loading. So use animation effects only where it needs the most. A good animation can reveal much more than a just text.

e.g. If you are planning for kids toys related website, or nursery playing school site, then animations can add value to your site. There are so many other concepts where you can utilize animation effects to make your site’s web pages even more attractive and worth. Gaming related sites can present much using animation and also it can give entertainment to visitors.

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Know the Role and Importance of Animation in Web Design, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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